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Point Clark Lighthouse Museum Revitalization Campaign Donation Form

We have set a fundraising goal of $200,000 to create new and innovative exhibits at the Point Clark Lighthouse Museum. The Point Clark Lighthouse story spans almost 170 years and we want to preserve and celebrate our history with the fabrication and installation of new exhibits in 5 rooms: The Lives of Lightkeepers; Lighthouses, Lamps and Lenses; Tales of Ships Lost and Ancient Pathways; a Community Gallery and a Reading and Activity room.

 Thank you for helping us navigate to our $200,000 goal to revitalize the Point Clark Lighthouse Museum! 
Sponsorship opportunities include:
• Friends of the Lighthouse $50 annual contribution
• Guide $50 - $499
• Beacon $500 - $4,999
• Caretaker $5,000 - $9,999
• Guardian (Exhibit Sponsorship) - $10,000 - $24,999
• Keeper of the Lighthouse (Room Sponsorship) $25,000+